Exerpts of the live AV performance by Cristian Vogel and Sune Petersen at the third install of Champs Magnetique, techno and visuals in Le Balzac cinema in Paris.

Both music and visuals is generated live on stage.
This music is improvised in real time using a computational approach to rhythmic electronic music. I use my own sequencers and synthesis techniques in a music language called Kyma, which I have been programming with since 2006 - I call my performance software "The Never Engine" (also the name of my 2006 album on Tresor records where you can hear the first prototypes).

The visuals is likewise improvised in real time using a simple geometric shape and a video feedback loop to create a live visual instrument that has a very organic feel to it. I call the instrument "The Schmidder"
The motion of the geometry it affected by control data sent from Cristians Kyma system.
The Schmidder is patched in vvvv.org


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