In collaboration with C+S Architects we created CG visualisation for Italian kitchen furniture producer .elmar. The idea behind the project was to promote a new design philosophy named @home, which aims to reinterpret the usual idea of the kitchen as a limited, aseptic space. Atmospheric, memorable images produced at Platige cooperate with simple yet luxurious feel of an actual design.

Director: Bartłomiej Kik
Production Manager: Urszula Łuczak
CG supervisor: Krzysztof Stefański
Concepts: Wojciech Magierski, Paweł Dąbrowski
Storyboard: Bartłomiej Kik
Layout: Michal Kaleniecki
Rendering and texturing: Michał Witek
Compositing: Robert Bielecki, Dennis Nikolayenia
Grading: Piotr Sasim
DI: Piotr Dutkiewicz
Music: Radzimir Łabuś

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