From CCTV America: the American production arm of China Central Television.
Host Mike Walter talks to famed cellist Yo Yo Ma about his career, his roots, the Silk Road Project and Ma's commitment to 'passion driven' education. The program continues with a special segment on the importance of arts and music on general education. Arts education leads to greater critical thinking and high scores in University entrance exams. Sandra Hughes reports from Los Angeles and Mike Walter speaks to a panel of education experts. The program ends with a look at the restoration of stringed instruments at a center just outside Boston. Viewers meet a passionate 'luthier'.
FULL FRAME is a unique weekly series focusing on film, culture, big names and the causes they embrace.
Upcoming shows will feature Geena Davis, 'Sugar' Ray Leonard, Ed Begley Jr., Lang Lang, Herbie Hancock, Kareem Abdul Jabbar. FULL FRAME is shot at the studios of KCET in Burbank California.
The program seeks distribution on domestic United States television channels. e-mail to discuss acquisition in either a one hour or thirty minute format. 26 episodes are in production. Six episodes are available by May 16, 2014.

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