Just in case you did not know Julian is my partner in crime, also the most illusive man on planet earth!

For those that would rather read ;)

We have been busy writing courses for the NHS which we start filming next week with a deadline of the end of April. Thanks to that good old one thing leads to another we have been commissioned to do further courses. This works well for the NHS as they don’t have to find rooms and move people to training as we send the training to them.

Our new learning management system the m learning zone is starting to take shape and we already have a few clients hosting their e learning with us as the M learning Zone can make existing e learning mobile friendly.

With clients looking for more cost effective solutions if you are not into e learning at least and m learning ideally as part of your offer already you should seriously think about it. In fact if you need some advice why not give us a call, you might even get Julian.

We are getting more requests for our scan and go service mainly from businesses that have realised that QR codes can be more than a box of dots that link to a website. WE start work in the next few weeks on an induction programme for new members of staff working on wind farms of all things. What sold them on the idea was the fact that Health and safety is vital when working offshore.

The kit is very specific and this style of learning is perfect for demonstrations and it can be updated as and when required. They We will also be making induction videos so that new crew members are up to speed on the day they arrive.

Finally If you have training courses that you would like to get online please call and we will help you do it. The M learning zone can host your existing e learning courses and any m learning courses that you will have in the future.

We are also looking for people that want to share their skills and expertise with others online. You could be an existing trainer with your own courses or a training company currently only offering stand up delivery. We can help you move to this new exciting world of m learning. Call and have a chat.

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