The artist body, covered with 2500 fluo adhesive patches, was placed like a statue at the entry of the Performance night W.O.L.K.E. Periodically, a man carried the body to lay down it in different places around the room. The live statue was moved from place to place for 3 hours. After this time the artist began to move herself, to remove the fluo patches as she was bathed in a black light. As she set herself free, her body disappeared.
Performance nataska roublov with Sylvain Borsatti Vidéo Stefan Devoldere

Je voulais remercier :
2m3 (Pol Pauwels et Tomas De Groote ) pour leur accueil et leur enthousiasme ( , Stefaan Quix pour son soutiens et sa foi, Sylvain Borsatti pour son engagement et son regard, Jean Faucheur pour nos conversations, Isabelle Dro pour la traduction (NL et FR), Alexandra Maringer pour la relecture de l'anglais, et Stefan Devoldere sans qui je n'aurais pas eu cette vidéo.

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