just the inside. raw footage from a stranger (Molly Haslund)
Performed at Panoply Performance Lab March 2014. Live
sound by PAS Musique (Amber Brien and Robert Pepper) and
projected visuals Laura Paris.
“Inside, the Future” is a performed-installation with
Cocoons, soundscape and interactive projection. Inspiration,
identity and rebirth take morphing, sculptural form.
Interactive projections provide an abstract site, enhancing
the cocoon's form with textures. As the Cocoon grows with
more performers and props, we will play games and interact
with the visitors. The Cocoon will consume the audience,
bringing them into the Cocoon. Chanting, dancing and other
ritualistic strategies will generate a massive collective
Half the inhabitants of the giant Green cocoon are Cocoon
team and the other half unsuspecting visitors.

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