You are a first year college basketball head coach. You have no gym. You have no returning players. Not a single winning season in school history.

That’s not a recipe for winning a single game, let alone qualifying for a berth in the Junior College National Championship Tournament. Yet, this is exactly what Preston Beverly and the Lincoln College of New England team did this season.

LCNE is a two-year Junior College (NJCAA Division III) that has essentially built a basketball program overnight. In his first year at the helm, Coach Beverly took on the task of recruiting a group of overlooked players to play at a tiny school in rural Connecticut with none of the usual selling points coaches employ in their arsenal - a state of the art facility, athletic scholarships, a tradition of winning.

All he had was his reputation as a former D1 player at VMI and a vision of creating a winning system on the blank canvas of this program. From scheduling practice time at a local Boys and Girls Club to facing the challenge of gelling 14 disparate young men into a cohesive unit in just a few short months, Coach Beverly certainly had his hands full in his first season.

“Hard Work and Family: A JuCo Story”, an all-access documentary short, immerses you into the hearts and minds of an unorthodox college basketball team. Fueled by grit, determination and a strong family ethic, they fight relentlessly for the school’s first national tournament win. While the rest of the country was caught up in the brackets and upsets of “March Madness”, this story gives voice and visibility to the widely ignored realm of JuCo basketball.

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