“We are blessed with our own style and I just want to voice mine. I know I have something important to say.”

Emcee Deuce Eclipse is driven by a desire to express himself through music. His goal is to create an open universal sound, which he describes as “Freedom Style” or “Indigenous Noise.” Deuce spent his childhood immersed in music and has been rapping, beatboxing and dancing since he was nine. He draws influence from both his Nicaraguan heritage as well as the culture of Hip-Hop he grew up with. It is Deuce’s creative openness that enables him to create a unique sound that breaks the conventional bonds of culture and style.
And though he has far exceeded those conventional bonds, his vision is deeply rooted in both the traditional Nicaraguan music his father would play on his guitar and the rhythmic expressive style of American Hip-Hop. Deuce’s true talent lies in his ability to paint a vivid picture of where we are as a society by weaving compelling personal stories into his rhymes.

“Music has always been with me. As I change, it changes. I learned how to grasp the concept of songwriting by rapping, watching and feeling. Using it to speak of the things I go through or see, things people have taught me or showed me in my life. I just try to express what is around me and inside me. Nurture that piece of myself that is for the world.”

A seasoned vetran of the road, Deuce Eclipse as been featured on countless US and International tours. His show stopping sets with the famed Zion-I are unforgettable. Deuce’s finesse on stage has led him to open for such acts as The Roots, Kool Keith, Blackalicious, Sadat X, Freestyle Fellowship, Del The Funky Homosapien and many others. Let’s not forget the counteless freestyle battle sessions which have left other artists with severly bruised egos.

“Most rappers shouldn't sing, and most singers shouldn't rap. Period. Another fact: Deuce Eclipse is that rare gentleman who can do both. A longtime Bay Area figure who cut his teeth in the Keepers of Tym, the Nicaraguan artist has since gone solo in close affiliation with the Zion-I crew; to that end, he's a killer opening act, fluidly rapping in both English and Spanish before launching into hyper-emotive soul-singer mode for impassioned songs about his family and heritage that can literally bring him to tears in a way that doesn't feel corny or contrived. With intensity like this, he won't lurk in the shadows for too long. ” BAY GUARDIAN 2008

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