Open mic that is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to anyone that wants to leave a message via answering machine. 100% free. Call and say, or do, whatever you want. If you like to sing, tell jokes, perform freestyle rhymes, beatbox, read poetry, tell a short story, do impersonations, got something to say, or if you just want to drunk dial and run your mouth you can! You are only limited to your own imagination! Just call and have at it! For more details go to

You leave the content, we make the video.

Step 1) Call 970-FORK-301. That's (970) 367-5301 and leave a voicemail. Don't worry you won't be charged anything, or sold anything, or spammed or put on any kind of list. This is 100% free and all for fun.

Step 2) Check back to watch your voicemail come to life as a video! We do our best to post new videos every Sunday night at 11pm MST. This way you know monday morning there is a good chance you could be starring in this weeks video. THATS IT!

All videos will be posted at this link:

Here are 2 additional places to check for your video:

This is a link to where you can see the whole collection new and past open mic videos from Ffej and Tom's home answering machine:

email us at:

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