Get your Party On with this funny and sexy song! This is one of hip hop's hottest beats with a fun and catchy hook "I Don't Know My Own Strength". The rappers are spitting fire with that braggadocio testosterone style that only original hip hop lyricist can deliver.

New school and club banging flavor from theses seasoned hip hop lyricist Kamal Supreme and Baby Ra will have you're head banging and feet tapping for sure! The lyrics have flavor and a sense of humor! You heard it first, but it's destined to be one of the biggest hits ever!

With lyrics like:

"I Don't know my own strength, come on sexy girl let me go the length"

"I'm potent like yohimbe, ginseng or guarana on any hoochie mama gold digger primadonna"


Mixed by the incredible Ricardo Williams (Oh Me So Horny Fame) for Wire Music!

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