It was a hot Saturday morning when we arrived at KORONADAL CITY, also popularly known as MARBEL. It’s the perfect day for an aerial shoot (I thank God for that).

This place is hotter than we expected as the temperature raised 35 notches up due to a “lock up” area. To our relief, THE FARM RESORT cooled us down with fresh fruits, a breakfast buffet & the best elixir to calm my nerves; my stress reliever, Brewed Coffee.

The Farm Resort in Koronadal City is owned by the Lao Family, Mia’s Parents. They were so hospitable and kind enough to help us relax, cool down and make the shoot seem like a vacation.

After our breakfast meeting with Lao’s, the ATOY MARTINEZ CINEMATOGRAPHY team, together with Mia’s mom, decided to do an MTV-style concept for Mia’s debut. It was an impromptu shoot. After that, we unloaded our equipment and I took another dose of brain-stimulating caffeine (This coffee taste awesome!)
We then started shooting under the blazing summer sun. We shot, paused for a while, shot again, paused again. It was like “shoot and think” for us since our brain batteries were already drained by the time we arrived at the beautiful resort. Our ideas seemed to be locked somewhere in our brain folders only to be stimulated by the free flowing coffee. Did I mention that the view was breathtaking? Check out their facebook page and see for yourselves. The place if perfect for filming or photographing just about anything. You can also search for THE FARM on facebook.
After coming up with different scenes and angles, trying different poses (There was a golf cart scene and a bike scene); Mia and her family never complained a single bit.
We finally stopped shooting at around 5:30PM with big smiles on our faces. I knew that everything paid off for the ATOY MARTINEZ CINEMATOGRAPHY team. We were thankful and grateful for the confidence and trust Mia’s parents showed us as well as the incomparable hospitality.
Lastly, I’d like to share 5 things to help you achieve a great video.
1. Location (In this case, an exquisite one!)
2. Lighting (Summer heat, bring it on!)
3. Composition
4. Editing
5. Subject (Mia was just lovely during the shoot!)

After four hours of shooting, we left the rest to the AYE NAVARRO DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM. I think he drained all his batteries and still didn’t run out of things to shoot.
We left Koronadal the following day relaxed and stimulated at the same time. Thanks to 8 mugs of great coffee. Wait, make that the 6th thing to help you achieve a great video.

Enjoy watching the video!

Special Thanks to

- Lao Family owner of The Farm
- Mia the Debutante
- Zandy Velasco of The Farm
- Dennis Ohashi
- Neri Johnel
- Dodoy Paller
- Cloyd winstanley
- Aye Navarro the Photographer

and the rest of the TEAM.

- This is my first time to do a audio & video mixing. She recorded her voice in Manila & I used instrumental music with great bass background and combined another 2nd voice using from her clip.

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