Thousands of microscopic photographs comprise most of this title sequence. They were captured with the help of a mini motion control rig developed by Leviathan who handled all aspects of production and post production for this project.

Making of:

Concept, Design + Production: Leviathan
Creative Director - Bradon Webb
2D Design/Composite + Micro/Macro photographer - Gareth Fewel
2D Design/Composite/Titles - David Brodeur
2D Design/Composite - Ely Beyer
2D Design, Props and camera assist - Anzie Lee
3D Design/Animation/Composite, Props and Micro/Macro photographer - Anthony Malagutti
3D Model/Animation/Composite - Katrina Nelken
Editor - Mike LaHood
Senior Producer - Lauren Shawe
Creative Technologist, Microscopic research and camera rig build - Harvey Moon
Software Engineer, Microscopic research and software programming - Adam Berg
Software Engineer, Microscopic research and software programming - Dennis Chau
Executive Producer - Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director - Jason White
Chief Scientist - Matt Daly
Art Studio Shoot:
Directors: Bradon Webb + Daniel Ryan
D.P: Aaron Edwards
Lighting: O’Connor Hartnett
Lighting assist: T. Callahan
Artist + Studio: Wesley Kimler - Fine Artist -
FITC Artwork/Font - Sara Blake / ZSO -
Music, Sound Design and mix - Joel Corelitz / Waveplant -
Voice Talent - John Flack, Lauren Shawe
Color - NOLO Digital Film (Colorist - Elliot Rudmann, Executive Producer - Joe Flanagan) -
Zerene Stacker Software - Created by Rik Littlefield, Zerene Systems -

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