April 18, 2014

Anthology partners with our pals at Issue Project Room to present an eclectic/electric evening with Jason Lescalleet, one of America's most dedicated modern sound artists. His work explores a sonic world that hovers between noise, contemporary composition, and minimal electronics. He blends layers of found sound, amplified silences, and artifacts of everyday noise, all transformed through various microphones, tape recorders, and speakers. Based in Maine, Lescalleet has also built a solid reputation for delivering a visceral live experience in his concert performances. Over the past couple of decades, Lescalleet has gradually and painstakingly compiled a compelling discography on notable labels such as Kye, RRR, Erstwhile, Chondritic Sound, NNA, and most recently via his own Glistening Examples imprint. Never one to sit still for long, he has spent the last two years generating a slew of solo and collaborative albums with the likes of Aaron Dilloway, Graham Lambkin, and Kevin Drumm. Chief amongst these releases is the remarkable 2012 double CD on Erstwhile Records, SONGS ABOUT NOTHING. Over the following year Lescalleet commissioned 13 different artists to create videos for the 13 tracks on the first disc in that set, TROPHY TAPE. Tonight's show features this audio-visual album as well as a few extra special videos by New York artists who contributed to this project.

C. Spencer Yeh
BABY BIRDS (2009, 1.5 min, video)

Adel Souto
ALLOW ANY RADIO (2012, 3 min, video. Music by Robert Turman.)

Ellen Frances
VERY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN (2012, 3.5 min, video)
A self portrait of the female spirit, inspired by Native American and occult beliefs revolving around the impact of the moon on women.

Ellen Frances
WHEN I LEAVE THIS PLACE (2014, 3 min, video)
In collaboration with author Tao Lin, Frances depicts a psychological breakdown set to audio of Lin's voice, hospital environments, and patterns generated by an MRI machine.

Jason Lescalleet
TROPHY TAPE (2014, 37 min, video)
Curated and directed by Lescalleet; featuring videos by Aaron Dilloway, Ellen Frances, Annie Feldmeier Adams, Justin Meyers, Antony Milton, C. Spencer Yeh, Olivia Block, Adel Souto, Neil Young Cloaca, Todd Deal, Jubal Brown, Heidi Alasuvanto, and Robert Beatty.


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