The housing Lækjarbrekka was built as a dwelling in 1834, by the influential Danish ship owner and merchant P.C Knudtzon. He also built a bakery and a turf house in th same lot and brought the Danish baker T.D Bernhöft to Iceland to practice his trade here.

Bernhöft, who was for a long time the only baker in Reykjavík, bought the houses in 1845. The Bernhöft family continued in the baking business at this location for two generations, building a retail shop onto the dwelling house in 1855.

This addition is today the part of the restaurant facing Bankastræti. The building was used as a dwelling until 1961 and a small shop was there until the time of reconstruction began in 1980. By then, the house had fallen into disrepair, as it had been neglacted for decades. Its future had been uncertain until 1979, when it and several other houses in the same block were declared protected buildings. During reconstruction, every attempt was made to preserve the original appearence.

It is therefore with great pleasure we invite you to dine in this beautifully restored house, which has an eventful 150 years history behind it.

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