Mexico is marking the 30th anniversary of the discovery of the main temple of the lost Aztec city. And to celebrate a the Templo Mayor exhibition will display new discoveries that have been recently unearthed. Let's take a look.

Mexico City is littered with pre-Hispanic ruins. To mark the 30th anniversary of the Aztec Templo Mayor discovery, a new exhibition will open showcasing archaeological findings from recent years.

[Carlos Javier Gonzalez, Templo Mayor Director]:
"What we precisely want to show is how the work carried out by the Templo Mayor project has continued to refine a lot of knowledge we had before of the Mexican culture, but has also contributed with new knowledge."

The new exhibition will showcase different phases of the Templo Mayor excavation and its findings. This includes the original colors of the Aztec Goddess' stone 'Coyolxauhqui' (pronounced: Coyolshauki) meaning 'Face painted with Bells'. Also on show will be illustrations of the temple and the ancient Aztec capital.

Archaeologist Leonardo Lopez says that their knowledge over 30 years has improved.

[Leonardo Lopez, Archaeologist]:
"What is the conclusion? That our knowledge has improved, but also the quality of our knowledge has widened."

Last August ruins of an Aztec pyramid believed to be of the lost Aztec city were discovered.

The exhibition will open to the general public from next Friday and runs through the summer.

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