Wildfires burning North of the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires have covered the city in a thick, grey haze. The toxic smoke is affecting the health of it's residents. Let's take a look.

Authorities have shut down many of Buenos Aires major highways because of the smoke. Meanwhile, the capital's 14 million inhabitants struggle with itchy eyes and respiratory problems.

The smoke, caused by fierce grassland fires, descended on the city on Tuesday. The next day it started entering households and businesses.

Many have to seek medical attention as they can not avoid breathing it in.

[Toxic Smoke Victim]: male
"I woke up feeling bad, and I had to start breathing really slowly so I could get out with my father. But it's like difficult for me to breathe. I can't breath properly because I feel like I have smoke in my chest."

Health specialists tried to assure people the smoke was not toxic. As they argued it only came from burnt grass. But many hospitals reported they were receiving phone calls from hundreds of concerned residents.

[Florencio Randazzo, Minister of Interior]: male
"As for the smoke's effect on health, some municipalities have measurements that show a high level of carbon monoxide in the air."

Interior Minister Randazzo added that the smoke has caused fatal highway accidents in which nine people have died, and created great environmental damage.

Mr. Randazzo blames farmers for deliberately lighting the fires for slash-and-burn farming.

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