I filmed and co-produced this documentary as a voluntarily project for the Amarbayasgalant Monastery in hopes that they may use the funds towards maintaining this historical cultural heritage site.

It was during the Peoples' Revolution that the Russian Soviet forces had demolished well over 900+ monasteries throughout Mongolia and hunted down the peaceful monks that dwelt within. Today, only a small handful of Buddhist Monasteries were spared such destruction and are still in existence in Mongolia; Amarbayasgalant is one of those Monasteries. This documentary film, with its unparalleled access, is the first of its kind to be shot and made by and an American since the archive footage taken by Roy Andrew Chapman (early American Archeologist/Explorer know for his dinosaur egg finds in the Southern Gobi Desert).

I would like to kindly send my deepest appreciation and kindest regards to the all the wonderful Monks that had so graciously opened their doors and lives to us!

Thank you!

Short documentary... for historical reasons its being included.

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