This is full of emotions and romance, we can not ask for more. Everything in the vid has the personal touch of Dũng and Hương, this is one clip that is impossible to replicate.
You are in the only one place that you help built, you are kayaking on Tuyen Lam Lake when it is at its finest. You read from your heart and play your own music. Everything in this clip was made by you and is there for you.
10 years from now, everything will change, even Dalat, Tuyen Lam lake and its surrounding pine forest but your love, your emotions and your memories will remain forever with this clip.
Below is the extract of Dũng's letter:
"Before I met you, I used to have many dreams, every day and every night, about a happy life full of laughter with someone, someone who is not only beautiful and talented but also can share with me everything that I love and do not love in life.
You used to ask me, “I dream of you all the time! Do you also dream of me?”
I said “Of course not!”
Then you get mad
You don’t know,
My dreams and wishes had come true since the first time I met you.
Why should I dream more about you now that you are next to me? I no longer need to close my eyes to dream about you, now that I have you I have everything.
What more can I ask for?
Now I want to stop dreaming my own dreams, I want to start living our dream with you, of new wonders and adventures.
I want to be the first person to say good morning to you and the last person to say good night, everyday until the end of days.
I will always love you, always protect you and I will always be there for you.
With you, that is all I have ever wished for..."

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