20' live performance 2014

Four short fragments of approximately one minute from early movies by David Cronenberg are manipulated in real-time and stretched to expose the exquisite details of the photography and the dramatic atmosphere characteristic of Cronenberg's physical and psychological cinema. The original footage was extracted from the movies "Scanners" 1981 and "Videodrome" 1983.

Quasigroup is an audiovisual project probing the boundaries of the cinematic experience at its micro-structural level. By fragmenting the linearity of the filmic motion a new narrative emerges that creates a peculiar tension in the “anticipation” of each coming scene. Perception of time is subverted in such a way that details, otherwise hidden, are exposed as such revealing microscopic layers of significance. This potential novel semantics of motion images and sound from short fragments of found footage is explored as a live performance where both the visual time references and the sonic elements are stretched and transformed into deeply hypnotic structures.

image/sound fragmentation: Panagiotis Tomaras
bass/intrasonics: TeZ

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