This is an ambient video that I shot on my Nikon D3100 and composed on Final Cut Pro X.

Nikons aren't great for their film features, such as auto focus, yet I used this to my advantage. By setting the camera to its smallest aperture it could achieve at 50 with a 18-55mm that gave me a very shallow depth of field which was very nice to play with using manual focus.

It was a chance for me to experiment using layers in Final Cut to add to individual pieces and make it more inquisitive for the viewer.

As there were lots of different clips the diagetic sound was awful when it was layered and cut in lots of different places. This is why I chose '2-1 instrumental version' from Imogen Heap to bring the clips altogether. Then did further editing on the film to try and match the nondiagetic music. This music helps to suck you into the piece.

Music: 2-1 Instrumental version by Imogen Heap

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