My latest song ‘A Woman the Next Pope’ was going to be a love song in French but instead of ‘Mon Amour’ (My Love) the words ’If A Woman was the Next Pope’ poured out of me without prompting. It was so strange that I had to write it. The song was composed in an hour. My husband Peter then agreed to write the story board, make and produce the film. All came together easily.

As to the subject, I declare myself a free thinker but believe there should be real equality between men and women. What better place for me to start with ‘A Woman the Next Pope?’ The song and video style is light-hearted though thought provoking. A female pontiff Pope Joan is believed to have reigned over the Roman Catholic Church for a short time in the mid-800s. So why could there not be another female pontiff in the future?

We have both enjoyed the process of putting ‘A Woman the Next Pope’ into this film and thought of involving other people into filming project. In order to keep it all simple, we decided to do it all ourselves, setting the camera and letting it roll until we finish the takes.

It is our first short video of this kind and we are in the process of doing more recording and filming at present. My song subjects need humour and fun as well as an underlined seriousness. This is my way to evolve as a singer-songwriter.

My claim to fame has been singing and performing in Europe, America and Australia for many years and appearing on television shows. We sailed from England across the Atlantic to America on our own sailing boat, and from Miami we went up the 800 mile Tombigbee Waterway all the way to Nashville, Tennessee. In Nashville I recorded my album “Life’s a Boat’.

I now sing, write, play, engineer, arrange and produce the songs in my small back room in England by the sea. Technology is liberating but at the same time very demanding as I learn to become the master of my own creation. Peter as an artist and photographer, is now enjoying this new creative outlet.
More musical cameos are in the pipeline.

Thank you for letting me share this with you.

Monique Newby

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