A collection of my most recent work as an environment artist, including collaborations as well as personal projects. As an environment artist, I do everything from modeling to lighting and rendering, so I'm sort of an "environment generalist", but I specialize primarily in modeling and texturing / matte painting. Music by - Rise From The Ashes

Softwares used: Maya, Mental Ray, Vray, Zbrush, Mudbox, SpeedTree, Photoshop, Nuke, After Effects

Email - jamirblanco90@gmail.com
Website - jamirblanco.blogspot.com
LinkedIn - linkedin.com/pub/jamir-blanco/55/811/991

CG Society Portfolio - jamirblanco.cgsociety.org/
IMDb - imdb.com/name/nm5856007/



1) Enchanted Castle 00:08 - 00:37 : This was a personal project I recently finished which took me about a month to complete. I started with a concept sketch I drew in photoshop with my preferred composition using rule of thirds and final cropping in mind. Once I had an idea of what I wanted to create, I began by flushing out the base geometrical shapes in Maya. The scene was split into three major components, Foreground (Fully CG), Middleground (2.5D/3D CG Projection), and Background (2.5D Projection). I worked this one from back to front, starting with photoshop and matte painting, then working my way to the middle which was fully 3D and then reprojected for fast renders, and finally the Foreground which was completely left as a 3D scene and rendered separately. All three components were combined seamlessly with Nuke.

2) Volcanic Landscape 00:39 - 00:47 : This environment was base-modeled and laid out in Maya with animation in mind. The geometry was then exported to Zbrush where I did all the sculpting and some texturing as well as UVs and Decimation. It was all imported back to maya for lighting and texturing. The environment was then re-projected in Nuke for a fast turnaround on the animation and for final effects and details. Total time from concept to final was one week and was a personal project.

3) Jungle Fever 00:48 - 00:57 : I created this image over a timespan of 3 days to see how fast I could create an entire jungle scene. The scene was based-modeled in Maya and then exported to Z-brush to create the final details and silhouettes. I used paintFX to populate the scene with digital vegetation as well as SpeedTree for some of the more complex design choices. Lighting is a spotlight shining in towards the middle and an additional HDR for some image-based fill and rendered in Mental Ray. The final render was split into two render layers to cut some render time. I then took the final renders into photoshop to stitch them together and added the background as well as the volumetrics. Final color corrections and minor post work done in Nuke.

4) Jungle at Night (Glass Butterfly) 00:59 - 01:15 : I created a series of shots for a short film entitled "Glass Butterfly". This was one of my favorite shots and I chose to push it a little further after the project was done. I created the entire environment from start to finish, and the director was very happy! The scene was modeled in Maya and the vegetation and trees were modeled in SpeedTree. Texturing was done in Mudbox and lighting and rendering was accomplished with Vray.

5) Glass Butterfly 01:17 - 01:28 : I was responsible for creating all the environments and props for this project, which was a collaborative short film. I was also in charge of leading a group of environment artists for this show which helped me greatly in producing these environments in a fast and efficient manner. The project was managed in maya with all modeling and rendering done within (Vray) except for the digital library of plant and tree assets which I modeled in SpeedTree and textured in Mudbox.

6) Lone Soldier 01:29 - 01:35 : This project was done for school back at AAU when I was a student there and was one of my first ever completed digital matte paintings / 3d environment sets. I shot the actor on greenscreen and composited him into the environment using After Effects. The environment was done as a Matte Painting in Photoshop and was then projected in maya against simple geometry and rendered. Additional smoke, fog, fire, and debris was all done in after affects using particle tools and stock footage.

Thanks for watching!

- Jamir

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