Video #9
(Recorded on Sunday 12th May 2013 @ 11.30am)
Shevington is a small village just outside of Wigan in the Greater Manchester area.
I spotted this neighbour secretly videoing & Photographing my girlfriend, and peeping into our bedroom using binoculars.
I quickly grabbed my camcorder to capture him in the act, so that when I took it to the Police it wouldn't be a case of "Your-Word-Against-Mine" and, therefore be unenforceable.

We have reported this activity previously to the Greater Manchester Police who are currently putting together a case to raise enough evidence to get a warrant to seize his good and do a forensic examination of his tech, hard drives and devices.
This is the actual video footage that captured the evidence, on that day; this was used against him as it was irrefutable & undeniable proof of misbehaving.
Upon reporting this incident to the police it was allocated with a crime number.

He can clearly be seen recording footage for his own ‘gratification’ from a squatting position on the floor in his bedroom, occasionally peeping over to make sure he’s not being watched.

The footage went on for a full 42+ minutes, and you’re seeing the edited shortened version.
It has since been passed over to the police, who personally thanked us for capturing & documenting the evidence with clarity, thus making their work easier.

The Greater Manchester police have since confided in us that they do have an on-going file against this man, and there have been considerable complaints registered with them about his deviant conduct.

The 'Shevington Peeping Tom' – how would you like him living opposite to your house?
Check out all the other video footage (also on other video sharing websites too), that I have of this ‘man’ up to naughty behaviour involving schoolgirls, underage children, passing girls on horseback, youngsters playing in the street and the perverted ways he uses binoculars and recording devices (there will be over 60 in total by the time I’ve finished)

Do you know who he is ? – make sure you make everybody aware about these videos

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