This wedding was one of the most anticipated weddings in the industry. For those of you who know Brandon and Kristin, your a better person because of their kind, positive personalities and friendship. These two are one of the most bubbly, most helpful, and Christlike people you will ever meet. They truly express their beliefs through their day to day actions. Not only are they just amazing people, but they are radical photogs.

As for those of you who live here in So Cal, we witnessed some of the most drenching rain we’ve had in years. After a 4 days of down pour and with just hours to go before the wedding and a complete outdoors ceremony and reception planned, the forecast was not leaning in the Kidd’s favor. But as Sat Morning came, the clouds moved on and the sun beamed making the conditions truly stunning and perfect for this special occasion. Because the weather put such a stress on them and their family, we saw it fitting to begin the day a little earlier and document them preparing the site for the moment Brandon and Kristin had been waited for. Their wedding was a celebration of love and friendship and of faith in God. We shared the day with Jasmine Starr and JD, Eva Chiou, Dj Taso, Roger and Lyndzee Ellsworth, and last but not least Jillian and Tony.

We have a little disclaimer also… We did not have Brandon and Kristin reenact their proposal. Brandon is such a guy, that he planned out the whole proposal and had two friends hidden capturing the entire thing as it took place. Even better he kept the taping a secret and it was revealed to Kristin for the first time as they viewed the film at the wedding. The look on her face as she realized that he had done this was simply sweet.


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