THE GREAT GOAT CRASH, the Ultimate April Fool's Prank in Carleton County!

Here's how it works:
People could nominate whoever they want, as long as they live in Carleton County, or surrounding area.

For a $10 donation they were able to nominate 3 people for THE GREAT GOAT CRASH.

But it would just be cruel to spring this prank an a completely unsuspecting person! So, we contacted all nominees prior to the draw, informing them that they were nominated, and giving them an opportunity to purchase Goat Insurance for $5. This insurance protected them from the Ultimate Prank in the event their name is drawn. We'll keep drawing names until we find someone who was too cheap to buy insurance!

In the midst of all this fun, we'll be helping to prevent the human trafficking of young orphan girls in Ukraine. THE GREAT GOAT CRASH is a fundraiser, with all proceeds going in support of World Hope Ukraine through the construction of Hope House 2, a transition home for orphan girls at high risk for human trafficking.

From our final list of nominees, on March 31 we randomly selected a 'winner' who was to be pranked by our team: "Kate Waller" (with full credit going to Emily Hoyt for nominating her!)

And just how did we prank her? By crashing her place of work, The town library (with the managers permission) with a goat named Bamby and her two kids! This is THE GREAT GOAT CRASH, and it's going to get messy!

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