A Zeldanime Project side-story, "Dead Hand"
A Motion Comic Short
Prologue - Act I (Scenes 1-3)

"It is a time of peace in Hyrule. What is left of the Brotherhood of Underworld Monsters have diminished or have gone into hiding. With evil suppressed, a new light of prosperity shines over Hyrule. Princess Zelda, ruler of the Hyrule Kingdom, appoints Link, now a bounty hunter, to capture Hyrule's most dangerous and heinous criminals.

In the town of Midoro, women are disappearing. Weeks go by without a word or a sighting of any of the victims until one night, one of them returns. The only known survivor returns scarred, with half of her face missing.

Believed that the Brotherhood of Underworld Monsters is behind the disappearances, Zelda sends Link and a band of Hyrulean Guards to investigate.

While in the swamp village, Link discovers a disturbing secret of Hyrule's past..."
The Legend of Zelda © Nintendo
The Zeldanime Project is an unofficial fan-project made by fans for fans.
Artwork & Animation by Chris Liu (OniChild Art)
Story and Script by Chris Liu & Erin Ferguson (Klassie)
Music by Synthphonic Morphestra

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