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Original content source: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

**Monologue: **

Status, rank of birth, inheritance,
we enter this world under self-inflicted penitence,
one child brought up separate from the other,
sooner or later the relations become somber

Perhaps Whickam was a treacherous friend to have,
however we grew up together, despite being part of a different class,
and those feelings I beheld, only back then,
to have been able to be open...

Yet we must all grow up,
whether we like it or not life forces it upon us,
and so one day we wake up,
and realize.. that we abide to what we lack

Children destined to inherit,
two futures varying considerably,
between those who have nothing but are still hoping,
and those who seem to have everything..
yet find themselves alone in that merit

This order was imposed by the renown,
however for both cases it is loss that was sown,
when friendship becomes nothing more than a forgotten word,
and the imposers continue their lives unconsciously bored

Breathing to this day.. to protect a sister dear,
who was trifled with solely for what she was to receive,
it falls upon a brother to make sure that no pain will ever be felt,
but it was, even when I tried to avoid it

The ranks, whose boundaries are so well defined,
only but mingle on that line,
and when two different entities come together,
perhaps they can make something better

But what are the chances?

Nonetheless I met you, Miss Elizabeth,
and I dare say I was overwhelmed,
a man who could only but wait in silence,
lingering on the things destined for him to happen..

For a person of predefined stature, to go out of his way,
it is not something often seen in this world we live in,
but you made me see that perhaps there is more to it;
simply abiding to one's fate can be sad indeed

But what hope does one have to impress another,
this other, living in a contrasting world,
the two can but barely touch at most

even this shall be looked upon with contempt,
it is something most imposers will do anything to prevent

Yet even if we disregarded this fact, I am only but someone;
fortune.. does not give me the confidence I seek,
before the premises of love,
I can only but hide in the alcove of my heart

Your heart, shines too bright for me to bear,
and as much as I want to stay close to thee,
the circumstances impede my existence

Circumstances forever uncontrollable under the frailty of mankind,
perhaps it is not something meant to happen;
or perhaps, maybe, just believing is enough,
to take a leap of faith.. that life can turn upside down upon itself

What more can one do,
than press his feelings until his undoing,
these might very well never be met,
something I, dearly fret

Yearning to follow the fiery beating of my heart,
until the other side of the night,
I wish to meet you there,
to stand side by side at the world's edge... **end of music**

In these last moments of hope,
I can only but dare ask,
one last time

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