Video test shown at 1080/25p. Take in account that slow web connections might cause stuttering motion when played back in Full HD.
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I started playing with this wonderful steady support 2 weeks ago.
My Nikon D5300 kept on doing good jobs as usual and I thought it was time to add a good stabilizer kit.
The SturdyCam is cheap, simple to use and very, very efficient.
Jacopo, its creator, is an excellent coach, I could rely on him and on its remarkable skills, time after time I realised that the simple fact of balancing a SturdyCam is fun in itself.

My previous experiences with the old Steadicam Jr. weren't satisfying for various reasons, now I need a lot of practice to work with a stabilizer the best I can.
This video is just a test, I must refine start, stop and turning movements to avoid some of the most common mistakes, but I'm working on them and I think there's nothing better than a SturdyCam, except for... A SturdyCam plus a good steady operator!

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