Video Transcript:
Hi, everyone. Steven here. What I'd like to show you today is the ability for you as the staff, administrator and leave approver to automatically reset an individual's password. This process can normally be a little bit complicated.
At REACH we've made a simple as a one click button operation. So what I'm doing here is I'm just on my admin screen and in parent management and I'm going to say for example that Anne has called school and say that she has forgotten her username and or password.
And Anne hasn't been able to use the -- forgot password in our login screen, she's on the run. She might be just not able to get to her PC, she's just with her mobile device. What we can simply do from the school end is we go across to actions.
We simply click the button, it just asked us to confirm and we say, "Yes," and then well get our confirmation that its being sent. And then what I'll do is I'll just pop up to my email and you'll see I've got two notifications here that say, "Welcome to REACH," I'm just going to select one.
And when it comes through it's going to turn right and say, "This is your username and password for REACH," you can go through. It'll give you details into my account, it'll give you details into our support page.
At REACH, we like to ensure that we control the first experience of all parents, boarders and hosts therefore, when they go to the system they know they can login correctly if there's any issues you can take care of it yourself from your portal or you can come through as help and support.
This is how to reset your username and password from the staff admin panel. My name is Steven. Thanks for your time.

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