Growing up doesn’t happen in a straight line. The Journey Home traces that crooked route through a young man’s relationship with his first adult magazine. Shot on 16 mm film, with original music and no dialogue, the short film conveys a vintage, timeless coming of age message.

Written and directed at the USC School of Cinema and Television by Elia Petridis in 2003.

Sidney Franklin
Alicia Vigil
Taylor Lipman
Henry Yamada
Oto Brezina
Elia Deek

Cinematography & Editing:
Jeffrey Allen

Art Direction:
Allison Shashok
Lorna Brann

Bus Children:
J. Ray Nelson
Christianna Puryear
Chevalia Woodward
Nicole Nelson
Lee Korelitz

Bus Grown-Ups:
Elizabeth Woodward
Gail Rucker
Noa Hegesh
Cheryl Vigil
Yvonne Nelson
Ruthie Korelitz

Print Models:
JJ Jurgens
Nadia Witt

Music Composed by Elia Petridis, with orchestration by:
Katherine Tincher
Michael Maleno
Tim Lou
Elia Petridis
Gaffer Grip Electric:
Donnell Bell
Alex Altomare
Daniel Lee

Faculty Advisors:
Pablo Frasconi
Judy Irola
Richard Burton
Ted Brunetti

Teaching Assistants:
Wendy Milette
James Lu
Gentry Smith

Tech Support:
Elowny Hickey

Black and White by:

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