In the wake of embattled Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigning, approving her replacement could set the stage for a contentious confirmation hearing.
You might say the biggest thing that just happened in our world The Obama administration reversing itself, announcing that private health plans that provide Medicare benefits will receive a slight increase in government payments next year, rather than the reduction that was proposed earlier.
Check out our story about a couple ages 73 and 68 who are living a home-free lifestyle. They call themselves senior gypsies.
And Many Americans dream of retiring to the Sunbelt, where they can live out their work-free years playing on sun-kissed golf courses and lounging poolside. But a new analysis by the National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS) finds that when choosing a place to retire, you might want to consider trading your Bermuda shorts for ear muffs. Overwhelmingly, cold states and states in the upper Midwest ranked more financially secure for retirees. The 5 Most Retiree-Friendly States Wyoming, Alaska, Minnesota, North Dakota and Iowa.
We continue our interviews about choosing Financial advisors. We talk with Jack Waymire who runs paladin registry…a website that provides free advisor research, ratings and reports to investors.
You can hear his full interview here and on iTunes.
That’s it for our news update this week. Have a great one everyone.positive. The study is published in the Journal of Human Resources.
On a much different note…Last week Fed’s chief Janet Yellen signaled the Fed may raise interest rates within the next year. Investment advisors are saying If you’re in funds that have long-maturity bonds — 10 years or more — you should switch to shorter maturities. Bonds lose value when inflation or interest rates rise.
Since we talk about retirement here a lot…This isn’t a person but a thing that may be retiring. Those Blackberry phones at the White House. It seems The White House Communications Agency has started testing Android. One other weird retirement note. You know the little baby who talks tough on those E-Trade Ads…he’s only 7 years old but he’s retiring…the company announced.
Now recently Bloomer Boomer started a new interview series and show….It’s call life passions over 55. It’s turned out amazingly popular so we wanted to share some of our most recent interviews. This week includes best selling author of the series “God’s Lions”…currently being adapted into a screen play…he is John Lyman…now at age 63 after discovering a new life passion…a novelist and we asked him what it takes to be a writer
We also talked with Chicago writer Betsy Storm who just completed a book called 50 Chicagoans Living with Passion and Purpose. What’s so interesting… this was her life passion
And finally Allison Rimm who comes to us from a different perspective…who brings her business acumen to help others realize their over 55 passion
You can here all of those interviews here and on iTunes. Have a great week.

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