After all your hard work, you will approach your staging date and the point where you will enrol your staff onto your scheme.

As you lead up to the staging date there is a period called the ‘joining window’ when you formally tell your staff what is going to happen.

You will need to advise all eligible job holders that they are going to be automatically enrolled onto your scheme. And you will advise non-eligible job holders and entitled workers about their rights to join the scheme and how they might go about it.

In the background you will provide details about the people who have enrolled to your pension scheme managers.

Whilst the staging date is likely to be point at which most members join your scheme, there are other times when members will enrol such as when new employees join you and when your existing staff become old enough or earn enough to be enrolled for the first time. Your systems will need to identify these events.

Lastly, you will also have to undertake a re-enrolment process for people who are outside of the pension scheme, perhaps because they opted out. There are a number of triggers for this, but the purpose is to reflect the government’s ultimate aim to have as many people as possible saving within a pension scheme.

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