Hi there, this is a Showreel about a Product I made for school. For the cluster "Design for Death" we had create a concept to say goodbye, to our died-relatives, in a different way as we do normally.

The fact that children are mainly forgotten in this story of saying goodbye, made me wanted to create something for them. Especially for them who lose there parent at a young age. After interviewing I found out children really want to know about who their parent were; what they did, how they looked like, etc.
Therefor I came up with a Programm or Application for those children, called Vela, it is to let them chose in how far they want to know their death parent. Vela looks like the universe with his constellations and in every constellation there will be information stored. This information can exist out of Images, Videos, Texts, etc; all kind of media will be possible to show.

In this Showreel, I show that I came up with this concept and how I worked it out.

The music is coming from:
- Augustus Bro - "Led by the dress colored in red"

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