Only about 700 young men and women, from all over the World, had the privilege of attending Bricket Wood Ambassador College, England between 1960 to 1974. It was a 4-year Bachelor of Arts - Liberal Arts; including many varied subjects such as Bible, ancient & modern history, geography, communications, sciences, music, different languages, studies of comparative religions, Ambassador Men's and Women's Clubs, travel excursions, varied work programmes, and many unique experiences.
From the early smaller foundational pioneering years, and during the last years of the early 1970's, about 230 young men and women each year, drew closer together from all parts of the world one giant family.
The years have not dimmed the strong bonds of love and respect we hold for each other, for all who ever had the rare experience of Bricket Wood in all its natural beauty and heady atmosphere of family togetherness.
This May 2014, is the 40th Reunion of previous Faculty, Staff and Student Alumni, since Bricket Wood's closure in the Summer of 1974.
A very exhilarating time for all those who can share these 40th Reunion days of joyous fellowship ...and this video has been made to share also, with our wider spectrum of Bricket Wood family and friends, all around this world. Much love and wishes of long happy life to you all!!

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