The Village: A Microcosm Economy of Culture

Melissa Daubert, Experience Artist, Cleveland, Ohio, provides a tour of "The Village" a collection of architectural structures from her experience living in Zimbabwe for three years as a Peace Corps teacher educating young students in metal working.

The structures provide a larger view of cultural norms with storytelling as traditional communication; Village pieces embody what is important to people, the community, and the economic way of life. From Melissa's experience, values and investments reside in health care, education, environment, commerce, gender equality and empowerment of women, and basic daily living needs.

"The Village" is comprised of several works --

The Tongue Wagger, the Cooking Hut, the Pit Toilet and Bathing Space, The Sleeping Space, The Sausage Tree, the Look Out Tower, and the post-Zimbabwe piece, All American Ants. Each picture tells a story about the significance of each structure and its relationship to local culture and community.

You can see objects close up and learn the story about each at the Flickr set

Images © Copyright Alice Merkel. All Rights Reserved.

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