Stacy Douglas as Hysterica
Alain Mercieca as Charcot.

Until the 20th century it was commonly believed that the uterus moved around in a woman's body, causing fits and spasms. The uterus was seen by the medical profession as a separate entity, to be controlled and out-manoeuvred. This film is set in the Salpetriere Hospital in Paris.


- “Salt Water Bodies and Turning Tides: Moving Pictures by Women on the East Coast” Winnipeg Film Group Cinemateque, Winnipeg, MN; October 15, 2010
- Graduate Seminar, Watkins College of Art and Design/Watkins Film School, Nashville, TN, USA; April 14, 2009
- Fruit Farm Film Festival, McMinnville, Oregon, USA; August 15, 2008
- Arts Auction For Choice, Fredericton, NB; July 16, 2008
- IMAA Conference, Newfoundland Film Co-op, St John's, NFLD; September 7-9, 2005
- faucet media arts festival, Sackville, NB; August 20, 2005
- Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto, ON; June 2005. Nominated for BestExperimental Film.
- Herland Film Festival, Calgary, AB; May 7, 2005
- Tidal Wave Film Festival, Fredericton, NB; November 7, 2004.
- “Twilight Passionata” Series, Aporia Records Party, The Drake Hotel, Toronto, ON; June 9, 2004
- Launch Short Film Festival, Royal Cinema, Toronto, ON; June 17 2004
- Alt Vault Short Experimental Film Festival, Cinecycle, Toronto, ON; May 27 2004

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