Find out what it is like to be a Program Manager at Microsoft...and hear what the interview process for PMs is like as well.

Michael Surkan will share his 9 years of experience as a program manager in the Windows division at Microsoft, talking about what it takes to deliver software products at one of the biggest software firms in the world.


* What makes the program management role at Microsoft unique
* What kinds of challenges PMs face
* What Microsoft hiring managers look for in program managers
* What types of questions are asked in Microsoft interviews

SPEAKER: Michael Surkan, a 20-year IT veteran at PC Week Labs and Microsoft, will share from his experience as a program manager in the networking group of the Windows division and other things he has learned from his career. You can check out Michael’s Entrepreneurs Northwest podcasts on what it takes to make a successful business. He also has a “Tales from the job search trenches” podcast show, which interviews employment professionals about how to find a job in a challenging economy.

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