Like wine but it doesn't like you?
Skin rash, nasal congestion or headaches? You may be sulphite intolerant.

Enjoy sulphite reduced wine and relieve wine allergies with UBfree's scientifically based formula. It's the healthy choice.

Sulphites are used by winemakers to stabilise wine. Ingesting sulphites can cause allergy-like symptoms which can include headaches, nasal congestion, irritable bowel and respiratory difficulties.

UBfree's patented formula helps relieve these symptoms for people who suffer when drinking red or white wine.

If you experience negative effects after drinking wine or are sulphite intolerant, UBfree is for you.

UBfree is available in a handy 8ml bottles for individual wine servings, or sachets to neutralise a whole bottle. It's so easy!
Can also be used in champagne.

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