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Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How much does rhinoplasty cost?
The price can vary between SGD 4000 to 8000 depending upon the extend of the work and techniques used during the surgery. Including anesthesia and hospitalization fees as well.

2. How long is the recovery time?
It depends from patient to patient. Normally the splint in the nose will stay for 7 days. Bear in mind, recovery is a gradual process, the swelling could last for 6 weeks.

3. When can I see result?
For most people, they will fully see result in 1 year after the surgery.

4. What is a revision rhinoplasty?
It happens when patient failed to get the desired result from his/her first procedure. It is more challenging but most skilled surgeons should be able to perform this.

5. How different is the Asian nose rhinoplasty?
The Asians' nasal characteristics are different from westerner counterparts. People in Asia sometimes desire to improve their nose through augmentation and building their nose bridge.

Plastic surgery info:

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