A breakdown reel of my compositing and matte painting work on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Shot 1: Statues: Made Clean plate and composited 3D statue and greenscreened birds.
Shot 2: Flyover: Tracked and incorporated 3D cards from matte painting.. Matte Painting was provided from another artist.
Shot 3: Hiking: Removed extra foot paths. DId the Matte Painting and compositing.
Shot 4: Hiking #2: Did part of the matte painting with mountains in background. Foreground modified from a great matte painting by Alex Niece.
Shot 5: Climb: Did part of the matte painting in background with additional painting from Alex Niece and Derek Bird. Combined 2 different plates to make final composition.
Shot 6: Leopard: Roto Provided by another artist. Matte Painted and Composited shot. Added Lens effects to create the telephoto look.
Shot 7: Journal Entry: Had to replace dates at top of the page. Did tracking and comp of new writing.
Shot 8: Soccer Field: Matte Painting provided by other artists. Composited and roto'd to create final shot.

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