The world has ended.

All that's left is a jungle on a floating rock where a paradise nightclub band is playing at the last cabaret on earth: the Las Vênus Resort Palace Hotel.

The singer's name is Sonja Khalecallon, and her band are Los Stroboscopious Luminous.

Sonja Khalecallon is in fact one of the alter egos of Cibelle, the London-based tropical punkster whose take on music is entirely her own. With each album it's a whole new story, a new universe.

'Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel' will be out in the Spring 2010 on Crammed Discs, and features 'Lightworks', a cover of seminal exotica producer and 1950s electronic music pioneer Raymond Scott.

Directed by Gustavo Guimarães & Macau Amaral

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