Are servants of your own home, only daughter of Queen Chebuja family, and love Gunboku is a lifesaver
The dream of a honeymoon in secret love with vivid to say that it is not goodbye You can use it by connecting the pledge.
Chebuja is trying to send a daughter-in-law to the royal mistress only daughter dark eyes Churuseyoku my own without knowing this fact
I make a secret agreement with the authorization of the town's leading senior.
Gunboku and mistress who knew these facts suffer.
Or Let's run away secretly two people queen, that there is no such a thing as servants to serve his master Gunboku.
Mistress and son Crown Prince of the first king of the royal family will be going to the daughter-in-law at will of Chebuja eventually.
However, leakage incident occurs wedding day.
Queen toward the royal family while holding a sinister feeling to replace the quotient country wedding in the demise of the king of the country.

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