SWARM is a game developed with Processing over the course of two weeks, that is controlled via gestures by a leap motion.

A swarm of particles flies through a cave. The particles can get caught on the cave’s walls. The altitude of the swarm can be controlled with the right hand. In order to be able to control it better one can focus it by clenching a fist with the right hand. But the longer the swarm is focused the further apart the particles will be spread afterwards.

Within the level there are six “Soundspots”. If a certain amount of particles passes through a spot a sound layer ist activated and the particles disappear. The aim of the game is to activate as many “Soundspots” as possible, in order to step by step build up a piece of music.

A game by
Nikolas Klein, Christoph Labacher, Florian Ludwig, Miguel Pawlowski

Interaktionsgestaltung 2
3 dim. Grundlagen im medialen Raum
Summer term 2014
Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernández-Castro

Hochschule für Gestaltung
Schwäbisch Gmünd

In depth information is available in German: ig.hfg-gmuend.de/Members/nikolas_klein/meine-projekte/swarm-2014-ein-leap-motion-gesteuertes-spiel

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