A new video by 2HeadedHorse filmer/editor Richie Valdez

"This is essentially the same trailer as the first one, just with 2 swapped out homies, and a slightly different cut for the ending montage of the trailer. My friend Marc Jefferson had to be taken out because he moved back home to Oregon to start his family and go back to school. Then Moose was taken out because he is going to have a part in the new Deathwish video, so I ended up giving them all my best footage of him for their new rollerskateboarding video.

Stepping up to the plate to take over Moose's "role" is my good friend, and fellow Locust enthusiast, Ryan Reyes. Very glad to have him on board, don't know why I was stupid and didn't ask him to be a part of this from the beginning! Lastly, taking over where Marc left off is none other than Oklahoma's own Clint Walker. He's been a part of this project for a long time now, it just under the radar. But it's official. Hopefully some of you got a chance to see some of his skateboard cockery get pulled out in a few different places throughout 2009 before exploding and cumming out blazing at Damn Am Costa Mesa this year.

The videos bonus features will small part that I filmed with Rob Maatman during mine and David Loy's trip to Holland in 2008, with a few tricks in California during Rob's trip to the US. Collin Hale will also have a full part in the bonus. His part is already cut and is rather insane for a "bonus" part. You the man Collin.

So there you have it! The Skate Movie line up is solidified and not only that, but at this moment just about 4 of the 8 parts are already cut. I apologize for the lack of updates, so consider THIS your update. We can't wait for you guys to see all the hard work we've been putting into this for the last 2 years. There will be 2 premieres. One at Hurley in Costa Mesa for all you OC heads, and the other in LA at 2HeadedHorse in the gallery. 1000 copies are going to be made and sold for 10 bucks and will be sold at the premieres, as well as whatever skate shops want to acquire some copies. Acquisition is a must.

End transmission.

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