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The challenge is to go beyond regular improvement and positively deflect global trends. What is the current state and trends of technology and the world economy? What is the Business As Usual that we would want to surpass? What are the examples of plans for deflecting current positive trends to higher values? Where did historic GDP gains occur and where might increased future gains be realized? What technology and innovation can have enough impact to move the needle? Where would new technology and processes be applied to maximize change? Based on what is known now what are the technologies that will be impacting 2015, 2020 and 2030? Where will things stand with artificial intelligence and nanotechnology? What are the areas where we can maximize and accelerate what can be done with whatever level of AI and nanotech that we have in 2015, 2020 and 2030? If things develop more slowly what should we still do? Which components of the technology portfolios could outperform and compensate for lagging segments? AI and nanotech encompass portfolios of technology and can be impacted by underlying and related technologies. The array of future technological capabilities and ingredients will be very large and there are many ways to combine and mix them to achieve desired results.


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