"This entire field, as far as our eyes can see, works together as a single plant. There are many bushes in this valley, and every plant is joined to the others through a root system that's beyond our view. Although they are hidden from our eyes beneath the ground , the roots still exist - the entire field is one family of sage. And as with any family, the experience of one member mm is shared to some degree by all others"

What a beautiful metaphor for the way we're connected to one another and the world around us. We've been led to think we're separate from one another, our world, and everything that happens in it. In that belief , we feel isolated, alone, and sometimes powerless to change the things that cause our own pain and the suffering of others. The irony is that we also find ourselves inundated with self-help books and workshops that tell us how connected we are; how powerFULL our consciousness is; and how humanKIND is really a sINgle, precioUS family.

As I listened to Joseph, I couldn't help but think of the way in which the great poet Rumi described our condition. "What strange beings we are!" he said. "That sitting in hell at the bottom of the dark, we're afraid of our own immortality."
Precisely, I thought. Not only are the plants in this field connected, but they posses a power together that's greater than any of them has alone. Any single shrub in the valley, for example, influences only the small area of earth that surrounds it. Put hundreds of thousands of them together, though, and you have a power to reckon with! Together, they change features such as the PH of the soil in a way that assures their survival. And in doing so, the by-product of their existence - their abundant oxygen - is the very essence of ours. As a unified family, these plants can change their world.

Episode Free - Imagine Dragons
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Music - Demons, Imagine Dragons
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OneRepublic, Feel Again
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