Video 14 Mins & Description
Gianni Manganelli.."Gio"... This video is in honor of you sweet boy.. I create this with a deeply heavy heart. Our Deaf community and world internationally as a whole.. has lost an amazing young man! We hear you, see you.. we all loved you, love you now, and forever always love you.. The loss of you has had profoundly impacted everyone.

For days now, I wakeup feeling your presence so strong..seeing you come through my door with your radiant smile as you often did when we all shared summer '11 together..miss u, I cried sobbed..adored you..we were close. You and Catalene adopted me into your family as close family friend and god-aunt to you both..I cherish this honor.

My heart along with others are deeply sad, broken at losing you before your time. Even though you are no longer with us physically on this world, your journey continues on..uplifted & guided by your own Japanese Wave! I was thrilled to be able to give you a block print of "The Great Wave of Kanagawa". You proudly showed me where you hung it in your room. The look on your face was priceless!

Your soul was old and wise beyond your young years a precious rare gem. Watching you from a young boy to amazing wise young man was a joy to be part of your life. I remember the 1st time we met at Cal-Ed Conferance in San Diego years ago.. when I ran the Deaf childrens activity center. I had no idea who your parents where but I already knew you were someone special. You came to me very upset that someone had broken your monopoly board game.. and I took you aside and we sat down. i smiled at you and looked you straight in the eyes.. you became very focused as I signed.." I am sorry someone was not considerate enough to take care of your game...Gianni. board game can be fixed and replaced but how we react to someone is forever.. standup for yourself but do it with class and love..He looked at me smiled and signed thank you..hugged me and went to enjoy the rest of the day. There was a bond that started that day..I will always remember that. Little did I know that would be the 1st of many heartfelt talks with you..

It was a wonderful being part of your life, being there for you, each time we talked I tried encourage you, guide you with love, support and understanding. We cried, laughed together, I was there when you needed me. We shared many things in common...sushi, photography, rockets, our love for art. I was stunned by the beauty of your drawings so creative. An artist myself, I encouraged you to continue, so I got you art portfolio book to draw in keep track of your creations. It was such a joy teaching you and Catalene how to climb and enjoy hiking Mt. Baldy. It was a blast watching you enjoy new adventures and share about your aspirations and dreams. Many adventures together.. including your mom and I helping you practice driving in my car.. you did such a great job although I was more nervous than you but no need..The practice helped because you got your license! Thrilled you were...famous Gio smile!!

Loved how your mind and spirit explored all around you. You did not accept just the norm, you pushed for deeper meaning of everything for truth.. you were one of the deep thinkers of our time.. Everything you ever did and shared left a bit of your heart which in turn caused a ripple effect and touched other peoples lives. Such inspiring wisdom you shared with others. You could not see the joy you brought to others. Every room light up with your smile and gentle soul. You loved to explore life, logic, history, language and challenge anyone to go beyond what they think they know. Your insight was remarkable...You are deeply missed , loved, and remembered. Your firey passion and energy were contagious to all. I will cherish the many memories we have.I am so deeply sad that you felt you had no other option but to go to heaven...we all yearn for you to be among us.

Your mom, dad, sister and family friends we will all carry on your legacy of love, wisdom and's wrecking for parents to lose our children before us.. I know you are comforting your family. I have also lost 2 children of my own a son and a daughter.. I like to think you are all friends up in heaven now.. hanging out.

Everything is interconnected.. you are part of everything, all the birds, every cherry blossom tree, every mountain, every wave, every heart that had the honor to be inspired by you.. you felt things very deeply and you loved even more..

I am saddened that the last struggle you had was too much. for in peace sweet Gio! The last gift you gave me..a gold card..will cherish always. Will take your gift and you with me to all mountaintop! See you on Mt. Fuiji Gio! Love with all my heart.. your God-Aunt Sonya

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