Another Version of my first animation 'Fragile' - Reveal a little more secrets : )

*A senior project from an Animation Production student*
Animation by Janet Bhromsuthi
Screening Date : 02 / 08 / 14
Place : Pavalai Theatre, Siam Paragon (to be confirmed)
Genre : Experimental, Conceptual
Parents guide you to follow your dreams… or their dreams?
Children are pure and innocent. They are ready to learn new things and figure out who they are or what they want little by little through time. This little girl is just like others, she is learning life little by little but within her mother’s direction.
They say, 'Mom always know what is the best for you', and 'Beauty Queen' is what the mother choose.
The girl was colored by a waterfall and becomes a rainbow. She is now pretty and different, everybody claps and cheers for her and she really enjoys the moment. But something is not quite right... the pressure, the attention, the fancy world... It makes the girl quite... uncomfortable. Would the girl reject or keep following her mother’s direction? Will she have a chance to choose her own path?
Now tell me, what's your true color?

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