Artistic Director & Choreographer – Clarissa Stowell Gregory
Sculptor – Joshua Wade Smith
Cinematography – Carr Kizzier
*(While Kizzier was main cinemaphotographer for this 3-minute excerpt, two additional photographer/filmmakers contributed to the documentation and artistic capturing of Pull/Drift. They are MARGARET RORISON and LIZ DONADIO. Check out their work online to enhance your viewing experience of Pull/Drift)
Additional Cinematography – Jimmy Joe Roche
Additional Choreography – Dancers, Jenny Berkowitz, Lily Kind
Dancers – Jenny Berkowitz, Sarah Fask, Danielle Fistner, Hannah Friedland, Clarissa Gregory, Corey Hennessey, Amy Reid, Erin Reid, Christine Stiver, Lily Kind, Rebecca Tishman
Costume Design – Stephanie Santos
Music – Rod Hamilton and Tiffany Seal
Flag Designer & Lead Guide – Graham Coreil-Allen
Flag Guides – Mary Anne Arntzen, Rachel Boss

Post-Production Video Editor (for 3min. excerpt) - Clarissa Stowell Gregory
Additional Post-Production Video Editor (for 5min. Promo Video) - Maggie Schneider
-->watch promo video here:

Pull/Drift was supported by “Best of Baltimore” dance company Effervescent Collective and friends. Their site-specific performance took place Sunday, September 8th at Patapsco Valley State Park’s Daniels Area. “At an arm’s reach from the city, the 45-minute experiment in movement, rhythm, and ritual created a reflective space for performers and audience alike, releasing a collective exhalation on one of the last perfect late summer afternoons.”

An exhibition of photography, film and video by Carr Kizzier, Liz Donandio and Margaret Rorison took place at Gallery CA December 6th 2013 - Jan 10th 2014. The exhibition was titled Pull/Drift: In the Slipstream and included live projection and performance. For more information about Pull / Drift contact

Bmore Art Interview with Clarissa with Cara Ober:

Follow-up conversation with Clarissa post-performance with A.B. Moore:

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