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Auto Tour Stop 4 companion film excerpt
The Union army regroups on Cemetery Hill after being defeated by the Confederates. On Day One the Confederates have won the fighting. But the Federals hold the key high ground. In the first day's fighting only half the Rebel army is involved and only one third of the Union army. Through the night reinforcements arrive for both armies. The Union line is shaped like a fish hook. The Rebel line will wrap around the Union line.

The Gettysburg Story film along with the companion audio auto tour and guidebook brings alive America's greatest battle in a fresh, dramatic, dynamic way. The film uses cutting-edge technologies including aerial drone cinematography, helicopter mounted cameras, motion control time-lapse, and 3D animated maps to bring the stories of Lincoln, Lee, Meade, and others to a new generation. Based on the best-selling Battlefield Auto Tour, The Gettysburg Story is narrated by acclaimed actor Stephen Lang (Avatar, Gettysburg). Unprecedented access to the Gettysburg National Military Park brings never before seen imagery of the exact ground where events changed the course of history. You'll see Gettysburg - a unique, timeless American place - as it's never been seen before.

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